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One Life Church | “Places” Art Exhibit
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“Places” Art Exhibit

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At One Life Church we have a very deep belief that art is enormously significant to life. And that’s why we’re hosting the Places Art Exhibit. It’s significant to life for a few reasons:

  1. The world that God created reflects art, ingenuity and creativity. It’s built into the fabric of everything we look at; the beauty, the detail, the innovation of everything that we see around us.
  2. It’s one of the most unique expressions of being human.  As human beings, we are artists – we create art, admire art – it’s something that marks us as human as opposed to merely animals.
  3. Art is able to touch places in life and communicate individually to us in ways that other mediums can’t.  It joins together spiritual, emotional, intellectual and even physical to communicate something that touches who we are at the deepest part of us.

We want to celebrate art and we want to celebrate our city (through art) to add to the life & vibrancy of our city.  We believe that we can do that by increasing the visibility of the art that comes from within our city.  It should allow people a soulful experience.

One Life Church is hosting “Places”, an art exhibit during the month of March. The opening reception will be Saturday, March 14 from 5-8pm at One Life East. The exhibit will also be open March 15th from 8am-1pm & March 22nd from 8am-1pm.

The exhibit is open to all community artists. To read the guidelines and size requirements, read the Art Exhibit Prospectus.

The digital art submission deadline is March 6th @ 11:59pm. Click here to register.